Accounting and Government Financial Management Services Assuring Regulatory Compliance

Federal regulations such as the Chief Financial Officer Act of 1990 (the CFO Act) require government executives to make their organizations more efficient by improving the effectiveness of their government financial management functions, internal controls, performance measures, and compliance with reporting requirements.

Financial data is only as reliable as the systems that produce it. Financial executives expend extensive resources to meet government financial management compliance requirements. They devote significant time to seek clean opinions, maintain internal controls, implement new systems or fix old ones, and execute budgets and federal mandates.

So what’s missing? Expending this attention and effort on compliance leaves little time to enhance agency programs and missions or to address risk mitigation issues.

Verdi’s consultants have solid backgrounds in public and private sector accounting and reporting; regulatory requirements for accounting and systems; and the development, implementation and support of financial management systems and e-business applications. They know government financial management from the inside out.

Outsourcing these accounting and systems support activities to Verdi Consulting places some of your most sensitive and critical management issues in the hands of experts who are vested in your accounting and system integrity. That lets you concentrate on the operational activities that help you meet your agencies objectives. We can help you stay on track to meet your goals.