Verdi Consulting delivers innovative enterprise resource planning solutions that implement your system efficiently, on time, and on budget. Typical steps include:

  • System and project feasibility
  • Fit-gap analysis
  • Business process transformation
  • Designing the solution
  • Configuring application set-up criteria
  • Performing full life cycle testing
  • Completing the data conversion
  • Integrating multiple systems, including legacy feeder applications
  • Establishing reporting and reconciliation procedures
  • Change management
  • Independent verification and validation (IV&V)
  • Training users on selected systems
  • Providing post-implementation and help desk support

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions Are Mission Critical

The President's Management Agenda outlines a number of strategic objectives intended to improve federal government financial management. Government executives must meet these objectives across the entire enterprise by improving  people, systems, processes, and information integration across the organization. Decisions regarding technical infrastructure, business requirements, and new technologies that are made without sufficient information make it more difficult to meet objectives. Thus, enterprise resource planning is not merely a good idea; it’s mission critical.

Verdi Consulting’s experience in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and systems development methodologies (SDM) eliminates these problems. We know how to provide value through proven concepts and methodologies such as ITIL, ISO 2000, and CMMI. Our consultants are trained in both accounting and information technology, so they understand the relationship between IT and the technology issues affecting government agencies as a whole—and they know how to provide the service you need for the best results.

Our strategic business relationships and alliances with industry leaders in information technology cover the entire range of information technology solutions. Further, we understand the importance of enabling technology across your organization in support of tasks — from general administration to remote location support. Our prior experience demonstrates our commitment to enhancing technical capability at the government level. We can do the same for you by our combination of technical and functional expertise to improve your technology infrastructure while improving your methods of doing business.

Our enterprise resource planning services include the following.

Business Process Transformation.As budgets, staff, and resources decrease, you need to do more with less — and to do it more efficiently as you adapt your systems and processes to address your business’ new challenges.

Whether you need to improve services, streamline the regulatory process or optimize your operational efficiency, Verdi’s technical expertise and creative approach to enterprise resource planning can help.

Verdi begins with the right strategy. We develop a business process, build the technology, and then help manage the workforce changes necessary to support the new or enhanced business models. We focus on business requirements and design solutions that streamline financial management, facilitate workflow and deliver permanent cost savings.

Systems implementation. Setting up new financial systems is tricky. FSIO-compliant commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products can become noncompliant when configured for specific government agencies’ needs. Verdi Consulting’s experience in systems development methodologies (SDM) eliminates this kind of problem.

Whether you use commercial off-the-shelf or custom products, Verdi consultants know how to manage the complexities of financial systems implementation. Our experience includes third-party products come from PeopleSoft, Oracle and SAP. We deliver innovative solutions that implement your system efficiently, on time, and on budget.