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Budget formulation sets the foundation for success

Budget formulation is an integral part of any department’s financial planning and its strategy for success. Through budget formulation, you determine how to allocate scarce resources and access their impact on achieving your goals. Your budget helps you understand what areas to emphasize and provides a benchmark for measuring your programs’ success

Many organizations find the federal budget formulation process both tedious and time-intensive. Often the budgeting cycle overlaps the actual budget period, thereby reducing the budget’s impact on overall operations.

Verdi’s consultants offer all the services required for budget formulation. We can facilitate data gathering and preparation, help your team to meet deadlines and offer objective review and analysis of the proposed budget. Our consultants also can help you prepare budgetary entries for accurate financial reporting that complies with United States Government Standard General Ledger (SGL) and federal accounting standards.

We understand all the steps required for federal budget formulation. Verdi can assist in the review and implementation of Budgetary Funds Control to comply with SGL, Office of Management and Budget A-11, and Financial Systems Integration Office (FSIO) systems and requirements for funds control. We can also assist in the preparation of SF-133 Reports on Budget Execution and Budgetary Resources and Statements of Budgetary Resources.