Our audits conform to OMB, FISCAM, GAO, COSO, FASAB, GASB, FFMIA, and other federal regulations.

Our audits and due diligence work includes:

  • CFO audits
  • Financial statements
  • Enterprise risk management audits
  • Forensic audits and reviews analysis
  • Compliance with
    • USA Patriot Acts
    • Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act
    • Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002
    • PCAOB Standard 2
  • Fraud audits
  • Fraud risk management assessments
  • Due diligence
  • Internal controls reviews
    • OMB Circular A-123
    • SAS 70 reviews
  • IT security and systems audits
    • FISMA assessments
    • IT governance risk assessments
    • A-127 and NIST reviews
  • Program and contract reviews
    • Cost accounting and program analysis
    • Contract compliance review
    • Performance measures analysis


Forensic accounting to identify issues

Today, everyone from legislators and regulators to taxpayers demands accountability and effective controls. They all want assurance that resources are used wisely and that processes and standards exist to identify errors, spot malfeasance and secure critical information. Forensic accounting identifies these issues.

In today’s rapidly changing economic and political landscapes, forensic accounting may determine whether your funding comes through or that a program or department will survive — and that the reputations of key personnel remain intact.

Stakeholders need to know that resources are safe and goals are met. Independent verification of reports, processes, and results through forensic accounting can provide unbiased, objective information and guidance.

Verdi Consulting understands the pressures on executives and program managers to meet an array of compliance requirements, each with its own set of success determinants. Moreover, we know that a range of expertise is needed to perform the compliance audits required by various agencies.

It takes more than an understanding of the subject matter. Along with experience in financial and accounting methods, Verdi’s consultants know the tools and techniques needed to manage risk and ensure quality. We  utilize technology to customize our approach to forensic accounting. With our knowledge of IT systems, we can develop programs and approaches for different types of audits.

Our forensic accounting, audit, and review processes are highly effective because:

  • Verdi’s audits and reviews use proven forensic accounting and project management methodologies that can withstand the scrutiny of Congress, Inspectors General, and the Government Accounting Office.
  • We review and test internal controls and provide reports and recommendations for improvements that make financial and management sense and comply with all federal accounting standards and regulations.