Verdi Consulting’s typical program impact assessments include:

  • Assessing the project’s clarity of purpose and goals
  • Reviewing past performance
  • Interviewing employees and program participants or customers
  • Analyzing results obtained to date

The assessment’s findings and analysis provide guidance that helps you refine your plans to:

  • Increase efficiency and morale, both internally and on the job site
  • Highlight operational areas that need improvement
  • Standardize the project delivery system
  • Implement organizational change
  • Benchmark the program against best-of-class standards

Program Impact Assessments align design and strategy

During any project’s implementation you’ll need to assess how well the program design meets your strategic objectives. This program impact assessment will help you answer essential questions: Are customers’ needs being met? Does the program respond to specific business needs? Are appropriate business controls in place?

You’ll miss opportunities if you misinterpret operational trends. Understanding bottom-line results is only a starting point. A detailed analysis of all the facts is critical, even when you lack the resources, expertise or objectivity.

Verdi Consulting conducts impact assessments within the context of your department’s policies and the relevant industry, need, or market. We start by ensuring that departmental policies reflect the proper balance between process and business controls.