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  • Do you have challenges meeting OMB A-136 Financial Reporting requirements?
  • Would you like to save time and money, improve quality, reduce errors and maintain Federal Reporting compliance for all of your Agency or department’s financial reporting?
  • Would you like all your financial statements, General Ledger Integrity Tests and Abnormal Analysis generated within ten minutes?
  • If so, get Verdi Consulting’s Financial Analytics Compliance Tool for Organizational Reporting (VFACTOR) Tool to generate all your mandated Federal Financial Reports and Analytics eliminating the current man-hours required.

    The ongoing need to provide regular Treasury-mandated financial statements and analysis is highly labor intensive and costly for most departments. With VFACTOR, the entire process is simplified to a few user clicks and selections. VFACTOR will take in your Trial Balance data from any system and process the information appropriately to output the necessary reports. The tool allows standard and customized configuration, edits and views of source data and outputs to customize the process to suit the specific needs for each task and report. Imagine how much easier your compliance will become.

    With VFACTOR you can:

    • Manage Trial Balance data
    • Generate A-136 compliant Financial Statements: Balance Sheet, Statement of Net Cost, Statement of Net Position, Statement of Budgetary Resources
    • Generate Treasury Tie Points reports with drill-down capability identifying differences
    • Generate Abnormal reports
    • Input “what if scenario” journals entries and see the immediate impact on statements
    • Manage system and statement mappings
    • Improve quality, Reduce errors, and Save Time - all of this can be done within 10 minutes

    The software runs on Microsoft Windows XP® and Windows 7® operating systems with MS Access or Sql and requires Microsoft Access version 2010®. Software is updated regularly to ensure compliance with the latest federal reporting requirements. Verdi Consulting is available to support your organization with the proven and accredited financial management support services to assist your agency or department’s people, processes and technology support service needs.