Our technical consulting services include:

Technology and business - Implement, Manage, Support

Information technology consulting services are crucial, strategic organizational assets. It’s essential to invest in IT support, delivery and management and systems as well as protecting against intrusion — whether from external or internal sources. Many organizations have insufficient resources to manage these challenges. Overlooking or giving superficial attention to these critical requirements is far too common. At times like these, IT consulting services are crucial.

In addition to supporting business processes, IT services must also serve as change agents to facilitate business transformation. Verdi Consulting understands the constant need for IT managers to be effective partners to their organizations’ business units. They must deliver high quality information technology consulting and fully grasp the implications of information technology on business. IT consulting must align with the requirements of the organization as well as focusing on customer need.

Implementing, managing, and supporting IT processes and services appropriately leads to a more successful business. The result is less disruption and production loss, lower costs, increased revenues, and more positive public relations. All of these outcomes help the organization to more effectively achieve its mission and fully comply with federal regulations.