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Your systems require an agile help desk

Your agency has invested in a state-of-the-art financial system or a new, streamlined process. To ensure a smooth transition and the best return on investment, employees and customers will need guidance to minimize errors as they navigate new processes and learn to communicate. If your resources are stretched thin, help desk outsourcing from Verdi Consulting is the answer.

Other agencies facing these challenges have turned to Verdi Consulting for help desk outsourcing services; now you can benefit from their experiences to resolve the challenges you face. . Our team can help you protect your investment by realizing significant time savings and helping you to address the unexpected problems that often arise even after rigorous testing.

Our post-production help desk outsourcing services include system support and tiered levels of help desk support to respond to system problems and incidents reported by users.

Process areas for help desk support include:

  • Detecting and recording incident — This assistance includes logging requests received via telephone or e-mail
  • Classifying issue and provide initial support — We typically classify the majority of issues in the initial call
  • Communicating service request to technical team— If escalation is required, the help desk forward issue to appropriate team member
  • Investigating and diagnosing— We ensure that the appropriate technical or support function investigates the issue
  • Ensuring resolution and recovery— The issue is resolved and reported to users for confirmation
  • Closing the incident— Once the incident has been resolved, the help desk closes the ticket
  • Monitoring, tracking, communicating, and providing statistical reporting — Logging, tracking, and communication are followed by comparison of issues to metrics established as performance criteria