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Are you ready for Treasury’s Government wide Treasury Account Symbol (GTAS) Adjusted Trial Balance System? Can you ensure GTAS compliance without headaches? Get Verdi Consulting’s VTAS (Verdi Compliance Tool for Treasury GTAS Treasury Reporting) system to easily and accurately validate and prepare your bulk file for GTAS submission and guarantee acceptance by Treasury.

Our software tool mimics Treasury’s GTAS system and provides you the flexibility of fixing all edit errors with an audit trail and ensure GTAS compliance before submission to Treasury. The system can generate all edit exception reports and allows for customized settings and Agency exceptions and easy system configurations to comply with any new rules or regulations.

With VTAS you can:

  • Generate all GTAS edits, exceptions reports and data validation reports in Excel
  • Validate GTAS bulk file data format and interactively fix any format issues
  • Validate GTAS bulk file data validation and accounting edits interactively to correct any edit checks
  • Fix all your errors and re-validate error has passed
  • Allow multiple users to work on the bulk file concurrently without overlap
  • Run possible scenarios to fix edits within the tool
  • Identify “Abnormal” balance at the USSGL level and the related component TAS
  • Generate all financial statements

The process to prepare the GTAS bulk file, submit it to the Treasury GTAS system and ensure that it passes all validations and edits is labor intensive for most departments. By using the Verdi “VTAS ” system, you can validate your bulk file using all GTAS rules and regulations, and interactively fix and make changes to the bulk file to prepare it for submission.

The software is a web based solution running on Microsoft SQL server 2012®. Our software updates will ensure that the latest reporting requirements and process will be available for continued compliance. Verdi Consulting is also available to support your organization with proven and accredited financial management support services to assist your agency or department’s people, process and technology support service needs.