Step 1: Define applicable system requirements

  • Review agency business functionality
  • Determine applicable agency- and system-level FFMRs
  • Prepare a list of system-specific compliance requirements (SCRs) for each system

Step 2: Test system

  • Define business scenarios, map applicable FFMRs, and develop compliance test scripts
  • Run compliance test and analyze results
  • Determine and document appropriate corrective actions

Step 3: Modify system to correct compliance deficiencies

  • Assist integration and programming staff in understanding and implementing corrective actions
  • Prepare and test readiness review of the modified system

Step 4: Reassess system

  • Perform end-to-end testing
  • Run data through all systems to evaluate compliance
  • Prepare final compliance documentation

Independent Verification and Validation avoids expensive surprises

Agencies may be shocked when they’ve expended significant resources purchasing compliant COTS systems and then failed an audit or became noncompliant because of faulty system implementation. How do you make sure that your mission-critical software complies with federal regulations such as FSIO and FISMA? Will the system operate as you need and expect it to? Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) can help by answering two important questions: Are you building the correct system in the first place? Are you building the system correctly? Independent verification and validation will give you the answers you need.

Many program managers get expensive surprises when projects implemented by their software consultants as projects fail to produce desired outcomes or result in conflicting organizational objectives and process failures. Conflicts of interest are created when reporting milestones are left solely in the hands of the implementation team; these projects are most susceptible to failure or to system issues not identified and corrected in a timely manner. The result can be expensive surprises for the responsible in-house project manager.

Verdi Consulting offers independent verification and validation (IV&V) services to provide crucial information in an environment that is free from the influence, guidance, and control of the development effort. We leverage IEEE requirements and methodology and use a four-step verification and validation process to ensure compliance with federal financial management requirements (FFMRs).